Company Overview

L&T Precision Corporation provides unmatched sheet metal and machining services, including design for manufacturability assistance, manufacturing, finishing and inspection.  

Excellence drives us
to provide high-quality services
at competitive prices
with on-time delivery.

We believe that excellence in quality, pricing, delivery, and response time reflects our understanding of our customersí key needs -- to find cost-effective and efficient methods of delivering their own high standards of quality.† We understand that our customersí reputation relies on our excellent reputation.  

At L&T Precision Corporation, excellence begins with our competent personnel and extends from our meticulous product processes to our attentive customer service.† Our people are our foundation; their skills, experience, attitude, and performance form the cornerstone of our company.† Our tooling and manufacturing processes are our substance; they incorporate step-by-step operations and control standards which ensure our manufacturing quality. Our customer relationships are our life-force: they motivate us to offer personal and flexible service aimed at meeting each clientís unique needs.

L&T Precision Corporation was founded in 1984, employing 4 persons and occupying a 1,500 square foot facility.† We have since grown to over 100 employees and a 48,000 square foot facility. Our rapid, managed growth has enabled us to consistently meet increasing and dynamic customer needs with un-compromised excellence in sheet metal and machining services.

The ever-growing demands of our customersí markets require that we keep a watchful eye on the future of sheet metal technology.  We are constantly researching new methods of providing increased cost-efficiency and product-quality to our customers. 

As we forge ahead through the 21st century, we, at L&T Precision Corporation - look forward to providing you with a future of excellence.