Our Vision

With industriousness and enthusiasm as the cornerstones of our philosophy, we are determined to continue our success.  We are dedicated to providing customer service that is unmatched in the industry and to creating a work environment which allows our employees to reach their potential both professionally and personally, never losing focus on our responsibility to practice the highest ethics and be the best corporate citizen.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction…laying the foundation for success

L&T Precision takes pride in satisfying our customers.  We understand our customers’ needs, and we effectively and completely meet those needs.


Integrity…building an infrastructure of trust

All of our actions, choices and relationships are grounded in timeless ethical principles.  We honor our commitments and agreements; take responsibility for our actions and choices; and approach our relationships with respect and honesty.


Continuous Improvement…seeing change as an opportunity for growth

We consistently strive to improve the quality of all our processes and relationships.  Our commitment to excellence stands out among the world’s premier industrial firms, and as such, adds value to our customers, employees and community.


Good Corporate Citizenship…thinking beyond the profits

1)    We provide a safe, enriching and progressive workplace.  We  believe that we directly impact our employees’ and their families’ quality-of-life through our commitment to their health and well-being.

2)    We cultivate improvement and growth in our community through volunteering and financially supporting education and other worthy causes.

3)    We approach our business choices and processes with a conscious awareness of protecting the environment.


Teamwork…allowing us to achieve the best results

We value the skills, strengths and perspectives of our diverse team. We foster an environment of participation, collaboration and mutual advancement. We strive to empower our team to take an active role in decision-making and to take ownership of work/project goals. As such, we create win-win results so as to realize our common business objectives.