Automation is the combination of information technology and controlled machinery to produced precision tuned products by eliminating costs of human errors. At L&T Precision, we utilize automation to provide you, our customer, with top of the line Sheet Metal and Machined Metal products that will result in cost savings and fast turnaround.

With a commitment to continual improvement, L&T Precision Corporation embraces automation to provide increased efficiency, greater productivity, and improved quality, all in a safer environment. While reducing the reliance on human labor, we also eliminate the safety risks to our employees by hosting a more ergonomic-friendly working environment.


Our sheet metal automation begins with multiple punching cells that are able to work “lights out” and continues through our press brake and hardware departments.  Our robotic forming machines provide consistent and accurate large production runs with guaranteed quality precision to eliminate parts variance. The newest addition to our sheet metal automation is our automated laser capable of taking up to 70% of the current work load that passes through our doors.


Our machine shop operations include multiple pallet changers, allowing for greater productivity due to minimized down time, and our 5 axis capabilities increases efficiency through reduced setups.


With CMM automated inspection, we assure that the last manufactured part reflects the exact quality and precision of the first part with tolerances as small as 0.00005 of an inch. 


Our automation includes:


·         Laser: 1 Laser Cutting Cell

·         Punching:  2 Punching Cells

·         Brake:  2 Robotic Bending Cells

·         Hardware:  2 Presses with Automated Bowl Feeders

·         Machining:  1 Vertical Machining Center with an automatic pallet changer; 1 Horizontal Machining Center with an automatic pallet changer; 1 Vertical Machining Center with 5 Axis capabilities.

·         Quality:  1 Fully DCC CMM that can record programs onto a computer for 100% inspection, repeat inspections, SPC.  1 Computerized Portable CMM.