Our Commitment to Quality

At L&T Precision Corporation, quality is not only a requirement, or a commitment to our customers, or a necessity to remain in business…

Quality is a Way of Life, the foundation and core of L&T Precision Corporation.

With a management team that has over 100 years of combined experience in precision-machined and sheet metal industries, we understand our customers’ current requirements and future needs. Of equal importance, we are committed to consistently delivering quality and cost-effective precision-machined and sheet metal parts on-time.

 Quality resides in our value for:

Total Customer Satisfaction

We acknowledge that our customers are our life force. This understanding drives us to deliver nothing but quality products as measured by complete customer satisfaction.  Satisfaction requires us to meticulously examine and thoroughly understand every single detail of our customers’ requirements and to translate these requirements into executable requirements with measurable results. It compels us to assess, understand, analyze, follow-up, implement, inspect, review and deliver quality parts that consistently meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner.            

Our Processes

Quality begins with well-defined and clearly understood processes. All of our processes are developed to meet and exceed the principal and intent of the AS9100 and ISO9001 guidelines, including Lean Manufacturing guidelines.  Every task and every operation that we carry out are within the frameworks of these meticulously developed processes.  Excellence drives us to continually improve our processes in order to meet the dynamic demands of our customers.   With disciplined processes, we’re able to consistently deliver what our customers need and want. Nonetheless, our processes are also flexible enough for us to adapt to the unique demands of our customers.

Our People

Our people are the cornerstone of our company.  We strive to ensure that our employees are assigned to the jobs for which their skills and abilities are the best-matched—to foster professionalism, commitment to excellence, growth, and teamwork, including both individual and corporate accountability.  At L&T Precision Corporation, we advocate training and mentorship to ensure our employees are enriched with readiness and commitment to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Our Suppliers

Promoting a spirit of partnership and mutual respect with our suppliers is vital at L&T Precision Corporation.  We understand that we are part of a larger community of vendors who must work together towards a common goal – to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

“Complete Customer Satisfaction” is a core value that drives all that we do.  Our disciplined yet flexible processes, our commitment to professionalism, and our long standing partnership with our suppliers, guarantee we stay true to our word. Consistency is an absolute; anything less is not an option as our customers consistently rely on us for their business needs.