Quality Inspection

With Quality as the foundation and core of L&T Precision Corporation, our quality inspection process always starts at the SOURCE; it is being carried out by qualified personnel at each Operation using the appropriate inspection devices.

         Review Job Routers for completeness against the blue prints and other applicable Customerís specifications.

         Review raw materials to ensure that the correct materials as called out on the prints are used and are 100% traceable.

         A First Article Inspection is done at each Operation by Qualified personnel and is approved by said personnel via controlled and electronic stamps.

         A Statistical Sampling Inspection is validated by the QC Group to capture First Article Inspection Data and to ensure all measurements are within printís tolerances.

         All Outside Processing Services (Plating, Chemical Conversion etc.) are done by Qualified Suppliers and Partners of L&T Precision Corporation.

         Incoming inspection of plated parts is performed to ensure the right process is being done to a recognized Industry Standard and is visually acceptable.

         A Final Inspection is done to assure that the completed parts are made to print and/or other applicable Customerís specifications.    If required, a First Article Inspection Report along with applicable material certification will be generated and submitted to the Customer.   

All jobs are thoroughly inspected at multiple stages and by several qualified personnel to ensure that all completed parts are made to Customerís blue prints and/or other applicable specifications.