Laser Cutting

L&T Precision Corporationís laser cutting technology offers flexible, precise, rapid prototyping and quick turn startup on your laser cutting production. The speed and accuracy of our laser delivers clean edge cuts with undistorted repeatability, enabling us to increase productivity, reduce cost, and provide a competitive advantage to your quality laser cutting needs.



         Cold Rolled Steel

         Electro Galvanized

         Galvanized Steel

         Hot Rolled Steel

         Stainless Steel

Machine Listing/Capabilities:

Salvagnini L3-30 CNC Fiber Optic Laser Cell
3000 Watt Fiber Laser Source

12 Shelf Destacking Store

Cartisian Unload System

         4 'X 10' max. sheet size

         +/- .005 tolerance

         Maximum Thicknesses:

         Steel:† 0.750

         Galvanized:† 0.187

         Aluminum:† 0.375

         Stainless:† 0.437

         Copper:† 0.250

         Brass:† 0.187