Sheet Metal Punching

L&T Precision Corporation features Amada CNC Punch machines to accommodate your sheet metal fabrication needs with unsurpassed productivity at optimal savings. Equipped with auto loaders, our machines provide the flexibility to punch a multitude of materials while nesting parts with similar materials to maximize output, including 24/7 operating capabilities to eliminate unnecessary downtime.




         Cold Rolled Steel


         Electro Galvanized

         Galvanized Steel

         Hot Rolled Steel

         Stainless Steel

Machine Listing/Capabilities:

Amada Vipros 358K CNC Punching Cell

58 Station Turret; 4 Auto-Index Stations

ASR641 6 Shelves Auto-Loader/Unloader

           30 ton punching capability

           4 'X 10' max. sheet size

           +/- .005 tolerance


Amada COMA 557 CNC Punching Cell
58 Station Turret; 2 Auto-Index Stations

MP1225NJ 2 Shelf Auto-Loader/Unloader

         50 ton punching capability

         4 'X 8' max. sheet size

         +/- .010 tolerance