Precision-Machined Products

L&T Precision offers both 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machining capabilities to produce the precision machined products you need. Our capabilities include small stand-alone vertical machining centers, large automated vertical and horizontal machines, and a large double column machining center. Our team is comprised of experienced programmers, production engineers and operators who collaborate to produce parts to your exact specifications for short, medium, or large production runs.

Each machined part is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our facility to ensure it meets your specifications.

CNC Machining

L&T Precision manufactures high-quality, precision machined parts using both 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining processes.

L&T Precision’s CNC Machining Capabilities

Computer Numerical Control machining (or CNC machining), is a versatile subtractive manufacturing process that controls the movement of several types of machine cutting tools, such as CNC lathe machines, CNC milling machines, plasma cutters, grinders, and routers.

Our advanced CNC technology provides automated, high-speed cutting capabilities to form complex geometries and intricate designs from high-quality materials, such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, cold-rolled steel (CRS), stainless steel, and Titanium.

We use small stand-alone vertical machine tools, large automated vertical and horizontal CNC machines, and a large double-column machining center.

Our team is comprised of experienced programmers, production engineers, and CNC machinists who collaborate to produce CNC machined parts to your specifications for short, medium, or large production runs.

CNC Machining: Precision Engineering At Work

CNC machining is a crucial addition to the manufacturing industry.

  • The process starts with a 2D or 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD) file containing a drawing of the final component, which is then translated into computer code (also called G-code) for the CNC system to execute.
  • The precise dimensions and tool paths for cutting the sheet metal into the specified geometry of the final component are pre-programmed into CAD software.
  • CNC machines work seamlessly with Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, which finally converts the sheet metal into a finished component that conforms to stringent quality measures and tight tolerances.
  • CNC machining allows us to fabricate complex shapes and patterns that were impossible without the automation offered by computer-aided processes.

Our industry-leading CNC capabilities allow us to turn metal into a finished part with high precision and consistent, repeatable quality. CNC machined parts are used extensively in aerospace, automotive, medicine, electronics, and industrial applications.

L&T Precision’s Dedication to Quality

L&T Precision is an ISO 9001 / AS9100 Certified company delivering high-precision CNC machined components to the highest quality standards.

We use various quality assurance measures to ensure that our products meet the required quality standards:

  • Our Lean manufacturing practices minimize material waste and maximize efficiency during production. We focus on continuous improvements to optimize manufacturing workflows.
  • As an AS9100 Certified company, we execute strict control over our manufacturing processes, with documented procedures and quality control checks, ensuring that machined components meet the exact specifications and required standards for defense-related items.
  • We adhere to the Lean Six Sigma approach to quality to enhance product quality, minimize process variation and defects in fabrication processes, and improve critical processes.
  • We are currently in the process of achieving CMMC compliance.

Thanks to our focus on process control, risk management, and customer satisfaction, you can trust L&T Precision for assured quality of machined parts.

Materials Processed:

Galvanized Steel, Electro-Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass

Case Study

Creating a Customized Machine Tool to Deliver a Product Solution

The Challenge
When a San Diego-based aerospace company had a product line with critical dimensional callouts, they struggled to find a partner to meet their needs. Given the nature of their product, redesigning it was not an option—so they turned to L&T Precision not only because of our expertise but also our ability to solve challenges and deliver uncompromising quality.

The Solution
The mechanical engineering team developed an innovative and effective machining operation to meet the seemingly impossible dimensional requirement of this company. With a few brainstorming sessions, our team decided the best probability of getting within the range of tolerance to the dimensional callout was to develop a custom tool to be used in our 5-axis machine to reach the desired dimensional point.

Through rigorous trial and error, our engineers found a CNC programming solution that performed the necessary fabrication to create the dimensional callout. In doing so, we not only met our client partner’s requirements but also delivered the solution they needed in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of CNC machining?

Numerous advantages make CNC machining a preferred manufacturing method.

Here are a few key benefits:

  • Higher precision: Manual cutting tools rely on human operators to guide the cutting process using levers or buttons to mold the workpiece into the desired form. Automated CNC machines surpass the limitations of manual machining, bringing higher precision to the cutting process, reducing the risk of manual error, and saving time.
  • Versatility: CNC machines are highly versatile and can be programmed to fabricate components for high-precision manufacturing.
  • Handle complex designs: Since the machine tools receive the design and dimensional data from a CAD model and the cutting process is automated, they can handle intricate patterns and shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, which may not be possible with manual cutting by human operators.
  • Saves time and materials: Since you can pre-set the precise speed and exact position of the CNC machine tools using computer software, the cutting operations run in repeatable cycles with minimal human intervention. The automation streamlines the design-to-production process, allowing for quick prototyping. The CAD/CAM integrations help with quick design reiterations, saving time and materials.

How long is the CNC machining process?

CNC machining is an automated and highly optimized process that helps to cut down production lead times for high-precision components.

In general, automation helps manufacturers can produce parts in less time. CNC machines can operate continuously, 24/7, with minimal supervision, resulting in higher productivity and faster turnaround times compared to manual machining.

However, turnaround times for a specific CNC machining project depend on several factors, such as lead times for procuring the specific metals or alloys being used, the design complexity of the parts, the tolerances expected, and the quantity required.

Speak with our experts to learn more about how long your specific project may take.

Can CNC machining be used for any type of project?

The automated and repeatable nature of the CNC machining process makes it versatile enough for a wide array of applications across industries.

It is a highly customizable process as the design, dimensions, and orientation of the CNC tools are defined by a CAD model and controlled via CAM software. Any design iterations or functional modifications can easily be executed by simple changes to the CAD model without any need for hard tooling changes. This makes CNC machining ideal for prototyping as well as for small-batch production runs.

Since the cutting is automated, it is also a highly effective method for high-volume production.

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