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L&T Precision offers full sheet metal fabrication capabilities. We utilize cellular layouts to ensure the most efficient product life cycle through our factory. Our typical cellular layout will include the turret or laser, a press brake tooled up to meet your specific forming dimensions, a hardware machine, followed up with our graining or deburring process. Our team combines precision techniques with years of experience and Lean Manufacturing tools to ensure the best quality products. Each fabricated part is thoroughly inspected for quality before it moves on to the assembly process.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal fabrication is one of the most fundamental production techniques used in modern manufacturing.

Customized Precision Steel Metal Fabrication Solutions

Across industries from medical equipment to electronics, from aerospace to automotive, every business needs built-to-specification metal parts and relies on precision metal sheet fabrication for manufacturing custom parts.

We custom-manufacture high-precision components from metals such as stainless steel, copper alloys or aluminum. But it’s not enough to form these parts from metal—designing them for efficient manufacturing will lead to faster turnaround times without compromising quality.

We offer full sheet metal fabrication capabilities, from design for manufacturability (DFM) to prototyping to a high-quality finished product that can be consistently and efficiently mass-produced at a quick turnaround time.

Our precision techniques transform sheet metal into a variety of products fabricated to your custom specifications. These may include enclosures, weldments, kiosks, boxes, cabinets, frames, brackets, clips, panels, and more.

Our experience coupled with the use of advanced Lean Manufacturing tools and technology ensure the best quality products and process flow.

We use cellular layouts to ensure the most efficient product life cycle through our factory.

  • Metal sheets are cut into the required shape using laser cutting and Amada turret machines. Our press brakes ensure that we form the sheet metal accurately and to very tight tolerances.
  • Each fabricated part is thoroughly inspected for quality before it moves on to the assembly process.
  • Once the sheet metal parts are cut and formed into the specified shapes, we can fuse together different components using advanced welding techniques, including spot welding, TIG welding (Gas Tungsten Arc) and MIG welding (Gas Metal Arc).
  • Our high-quality in-house finishing services include liquid coating, powder coating, and silk screening, depending on your requirements.

State-Of-The-Art Fabrication Techniques

We use state-of-the-art fabrication techniques to produce precise, detailed metal components efficiently.

Laser Cutting

At L&T Precision, we use laser cutting, a revolutionary technology that employs a laser beam guided by a CNC system for precise and automated cutting.

A highly accurate cutting technology, it minimizes any warping or distortion of the metal sheet. It allows for greater precision and detailing than manual cutting methods and enables our engineers to cut intricate shapes from metal sheets. Automation makes the process fast, consistent, repeatable and error-free.

Turret or CNC Punching

Our factory is also equipped with a turret punch press. The machine moves the metal sheet beneath a punching tool to cut out complex shapes accurately and with a high degree of repeatability that is unmatched by any other manual fabrication method. CNC-guided punching is an automated technique that results in highly efficient, rapid production runs while maintaining tight tolerances to deliver high-quality metal parts.

Press Braking

We use CNC-controlled press braking to bend and form metal sheets into desired shapes. Press brakes use a punch-and-die method to bend the metal along specified lines. The CNC system allows for accurate and repeatable results. This versatile technique gives our engineers the flexibility to form various intricate shapes from metal sheets with high precision.

Unparalleled Technological Advantages

Our advanced metal cutting and fabrication techniques and our use of computer-aided design software and CNC machines give us an unparalleled advantage to drive innovative solutions for faster decision-making and delivery of your products.

1. Computer-Aided Design (CAD): CAD software makes it possible for our engineers to develop 3D models to visualize the product before it goes into full production. It not only allows our engineers to develop complex components accurately but also optimizes them at the design stage to ensure they are designed for manufacturability.

2. Design for Manufacturability (DFM): DFM allows us to design products such that they can be manufactured efficiently. Working closely with our Customer’s Engineering Team, we can iron out any issues or problems during the design phase that may adversely affect sheet metal production lead times and quality. DFM streamlines our metal sheet fabrication process and helps us improve lead time and maintain high quality.

3. Computer Numerical Control (CNC): We use CNC machines to guide our precision sheet metal fabrication. Automation eliminates human error and minimizes material wastage.

Sheet Metal:

Precision Punching and Fiber Optic Laser Cutting


Forming, Bending, Graining and Deburring


Bead Blast, Jitterbug, Linegrain and Tumble

Case Study

Creating a Smooth Manufacturing Process

The Challenge

An aerospace customer developed their own prototype with tight tolerances, thin material and a significant amount of welding required. Due to the heat input during the welding process, they were concerned about how potential warping could affect the shape of their prototype, its overall tolerance, and the ultimate manufacturability of the finished part.

To meet their design requirements, they came to L&T Precision to tap into our manufacturing and engineering expertise to create the final design and address the tolerance challenge.

The Solution

Our engineering team broke down and analyzed each component of the prototype’s assembly. We worked with our customer to review all tolerancing specifications and provided feedback on the feature location to avoid interference with the welds.

Our expert team recommended the thickness of the material best suited for the application, as well as a specific alloy which would hold the flatness tolerance well. We engineered the design and manufacturing process to avoid warping critical points of the part, using a system of fixtures to hold the part in place to keep it from expanding during the final welding process.

The result was a successful component for our customer to use as part of their product, and we continue to provide the ongoing manufacturing of this piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can be used in precision sheet metal fabrication?

We choose the material to be used in precision sheet metal fabrication based on the specific application, its design, and the functional requirements of the metal parts in the final product.

Our engineers work closely with the design team to ensure that a suitable metal or alloy is selected to ensure high quality, precision, performance as well as aesthetic appeal.

Typically, we work with steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum.

What is the average turnaround time for precision sheet metal fabrication projects?

Turnaround times for precision sheet metal fabrication projects depend on several factors, such as design complexity, availability of sheet metal, and the quantity required.

At L&T Precision, our design, engineering, and fabrication techniques are honed to drastically cut down production lead times. We can turn around a product, from design to finishing, within a few weeks depending on the specifications.

Speak with our experts to discuss your requirements.

What quality assurance measurements are in place to ensure products meet expectations?

We use various quality assurance measures to ensure that our products meet the required quality standards and also satisfy customer expectations.

We adopt LEAN Manufacturing practices to minimize material waste and maximize efficiency during production. We focus on continuous improvements to optimize production workflows.

We adhere to Six Sigma practices to enhance product quality, minimize process variation and defects in fabrication processes, and improve critical processes, such as cutting, bending, welding, and finishing.

We are an ISO9001 / AS9100 Certified company focusing on process control, documentation, risk management, and customer satisfaction. This internationally recognized standard for quality management helps us enhance our product quality and overall business performance. We are currently working on becoming CMMC compliant as well.

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L&T Precision is your trusted, full-service, lean manufacturing partner to deliver uncompromising quality.

We support prototype and production volume quantities for precision metal sheet fabrication.

We focus on helping our customers get their products into production efficiently and with speed without compromising quality.

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