5-Axis Machining

5-Axis Machining

L&T Precision offers 5-axis machining—a modern, advanced CNC machining process. 5-axis CNC milling machines deliver unparalleled accuracy without the limitations of traditional machining techniques.

L&T Precision provides both 5-axis and 3-axis CNC machining capabilities to produce precision machined parts and components.

High Precision and Accuracy

5-axis CNC machine tools have revolutionized modern precision machining.

  • It gives our engineers and designers greater creative freedom to design complex parts with intricate curves or increased depths without compromising lead times or surface quality.
  • It improves tool access and allows machinists to approach the workpiece from various angles in a single setup.
  • It minimizes manual handling of the workpiece, leading to faster production runs, reduced chances of human error and, therefore, greater accuracy.
  • 5-axis milling machines are more powerful and can handle higher volumes than traditional 3-axis machines.
  • These machines drastically reduce machining time, decrease operator fatigue, enable faster production runs, and decrease product lead times. They run “lights out”, meaning they have the capability to run by themselves without needing a resource on hand.

Our 5-axis CNC cutting tools operate on five axes, moving across the X and Y linear axes as well as the Z-axis and rotating on the A-axis and B-axis to work on a component from any direction.

The two additional rotational axes allow the machine to swivel, rotate, and approach the component (or workpiece) from different angles to reach hard-to-access curves and inner surfaces of tall or deep components.

5-axis machining is crucial in giving L&T Precision a competitive edge, keeping us at the cutting edge of precision machining technology.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At L&T Precision, we use advanced automated CNC machining, including small stand-alone vertical machining centers, large automated vertical and horizontal machines, and a large double-column machining center.

Automated vertical machining centers, also known as VMCs, have a spindle that operates on a vertical axis perpendicular to a stationary rotary table or trunnion. Horizontal machines have the spindle operating horizontally, parallel to the worktable.

Automated CNC machines are ideal for high-speed, high-volume production.

  • Automation saves time as robotic systems automate the loading and unloading of the workpiece. They provide uninterrupted or continuous production, even after work hours. This maximizes production capacity and helps decrease lead times.
  • Automation minimizes human intervention in the production process, preventing human error and reducing process variations and making the output highly consistent and repeatable.

Pristine Surface Finish

The 5-axis CNC machine not only delivers high-precision cutting and forming within tight tolerances but also results in a smoother and higher quality finish to the machined parts or components.

In traditional CNC milling, the tool has to make several passes over the workpiece surface, which can sometimes leave visible machining marks.

5-axis machining maintains constant contact between the tool and the workpiece. Due to the additional rotary axes, it can manipulate the workpiece and approach in different orientations in a single pass. This eliminates surface imperfections, lines, or patterns caused by individual tool passes.

The multi-axis movement gives machinists the ability to create intricate shapes with complex geometries. It also renders a seamless, better surface finish.

Simultaneous 5-axis machining is guided by CAM software (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) which uses sophisticated algorithms to guide tool paths. The automation renders more efficient machining at faster speeds, improving the overall surface finish quality and making it appear more uniform and visually appealing.

Industry Expertise

At L&T, we have a diverse and skilled team with expertise in machining and sheet metal fabrication services.

Composed of experienced programmers, production engineers and operators, our team collaborates with designers and business stakeholders to produce parts to your exact specifications for short, medium, or large production runs.

Each machined part is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our facility to ensure it meets your specifications.

We have the expertise, experience and access to top-notch technology to offer full-service manufacturing solutions.

And our unmatched commitment to quality and customer service ensures our partners can successfully bring high-quality products to market.

Materials Processed:

Galvanized Steel, Electro-Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Brass

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the additional benefits of 5-axis machining?

Apart from the benefits discussed above, 5-axis machining centers have the added advantage of increasing productivity in machining projects.

It eliminates multiple setups and reduces manual handling of workpieces, resulting in shorter cycle times and maximizing machine utilization. Its built-in tool path optimization techniques reduce the wear-and-tear of the machine and prolong the life of the machine.

Lastly, 5-axis technology automates tedious and repetitive tasks, leaving skilled machinists more time to focus on value-added work.

What are the lead times for 5-axis machining?

L&T Precision promises fast turnaround times for 5-axis machining. The actual lead time is based on various considerations, such as design complexity, material availability, production volume and desired finishes.

Reach out to our team with your project’s requirements, and they will provide you with an accurate lead time.

What industries can use 5-axis machining?

5-axis machining is extensively used for precision machining in the defense and aerospace industry and has the versatility to be used for various applications in the automotive, commercial, and alternative energy sectors and for the production of medical devices.

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